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Le Metro - Unique and Vibrant Scenes in the Metro Stations of Marseille, France.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Marseille is a Prefecture sitting in the south of France. Located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea it is rich in history and has long been a popular location for holiday makers looking to enjoy the sun and fresh sea air.

The city itself is full of wonderful sights such as the Old Port where on the weekend you'll still find local fishermen still selling their catch or the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie-Majeure with its grand views of the Mediterranean coast. For this blog however I want to take you underground for a quick tour of the amazing metro stations dotted around the city and often overlooked by the average tourist.

The three stations I recommend for anyone who is able to tear themselves away from the city for an afternoon are;

  1. Métro Louis Armand (I think it looks like an Octopus)

  2. Réformés - Canebière (The Green One)

  3. Estrangin - Préfecture (Fun for Symmetry Geeks)

  1. Metro Louis Armand

Look at this first photo and tell me you don't see an octopus! I loved this station and spent way too much time travelling up and down the escalators exploring the angles. I loved how every station in Marseille had a different design concept but for me this was the one that stood out the most.

The metal roof of the atrium and glass windows almost look like a halo at the top of the long stairs. You'll find this station on Line 1 only a few short stops from the central Port Location.

2. Reformes - Canebière

This station had a retro Blade Runner vibe about it. Long angular fluorescent lights seemingly lighting your way on and off the platform. I felt like an extra on the set of a Ridley Scott film and half expected Neo futuristic punks to jump out and start hassling me.

3. Estrangin - Prefecture

Whilst not quite as grand as Louis Armand this station was still impressive with its long symmetrical stairway up to the surface. The low lights made it a challenge to shoot here without a tripod but the results were still worth the visit.

It's not an exhaustive list but should definitely help you fill a few hours if you can tear yourself away from the beautiful coastline long enough to explore them.

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