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London's South Bank - Street Photography during Golden Hour

London is a huge city and as a person that has newly arrived trying to find the right places to shoot is a little overwhelming to say the least. There are so many amazing locations like Soho, Canary Wharf, Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown and endless more.

Setting Sun over the South Bank of London
London's South Bank

However I think an early runner for my favourite location has to be London's South Bank. The area has everything you could wish for as a photographer. It's easy to access via Waterloo Station, there are iconic views such as Westminster and the London Eye. You can walk and explore the concrete architecture of the National Theatre or discover the rocky beaches when the tide is low. The mixture of modern and red brick architecture and endless streams of people make it an endless source of inspiration.

Visiting this location in the late afternoon however makes this place unforgettable. The setting sun bathes the whole area in a warm golden light. I suggest to make the most of the light you walk back from Tower Bridge direction towards Waterloo Station. Stay on the esplanade and be ready to capture the beautifully backlit views that present themselves.

Some areas I would suggest when the light is perfect;

  1. Below Blackfriars Bridge - The golden light casts long shadows and the rivets on the underside of the bridge capture the light beautifully.

  2. The National Theatre - The Large Concrete building captures the golden light beautifully.

  3. More London Place (Near Tower Bridge) - If you are this far down shoot from between the modern skyscrapers towards the Tower Bridge. The afternoon light gives the bridge a golden glow and the surrounding glass can be used for some great reflections.

  4. Tate Modern - The Millennium Bridge is right out the front and there is always some street musicians performing so it is a great location for architecture and street.

  5. Waterloo Station - This is a main station for London, you will find endless streams of people coming and going, the large glass structure casts some great shadows during the day. Come back at different times of the day to get the most out of this location.

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